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The world is changing and we need to change with it.

The largest web revolution

WEB 3.0

The "Decentralized Web" represents a new evolution of web technologies that began to take shape in the 2010s. Web 3.0 is characterized by greater autonomy and user data control, as well as providing a higher level of interactivity and personalization. Blockchain technology allows users to own and control their data. This creates opportunities for more secure, open, and transparent forms of interaction on the Internet.


Our major projects without NDA that we would be happy to talk about in detail.

The first metaverse Architecture Biennale

Presence of the Future. The biggest global architectural event in the Metaverse.

Feature 01

Tinkoff Bank

Birthday of Pulse social network by Tinkoff Investments. Mikhail Shufutinsky's concert show. Tinkoff park in Decentraland with quest, mini-games and NFT prizes.

Feature 02

AZ Architecture studio

It's not a scene but a work of art 3D: planetarium, lecture hall for live-streams, NFT collection, NPC dog.

Feature 03

Why trust us

We learn, adapt, and grow with each project.


We are always at the forefront of technological progress, using the latest innovations to achieve the best results.


Our team consists of highly qualified specialists who have deep knowledge and experience in their field.

Customer focus

We always put the needs of our customers first and strive to exceed their expectations.


We are ready to adapt to any changes and always look for new approaches to problem solving.


We value the trust of our customers and always strive to justify it by providing reliable and efficient solutions.


We operate with high ethical standards, respecting the rights and interests of all participants in the process.

Our expertise


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Full production cycle

Metancy offers a full cycle of production, starting from the initial concept and ending with the final implementation, with further support and service. Our team works closely with you at every stage of the process to ensure that the final product meets all your requirements and goals.


Concept & identity

Development of a unique concept and identity for your product that reflects its value and attractiveness to the target audience.


Preparation of a detailed document (whitepaper) describing your product, its advantages, functionality and technical aspects.

Powerful research

Conducting in-depth research to determine market needs, competitor analysis, and identifying opportunities for your product.



Creating an attractive and functional user interface to ensure the best user experience.


Developing a powerful and reliable server part to ensure the stable operation of your product.


Integration of blockchain technologies to ensure security, transparency, and autonomy of user data.



Building an active and engaged community that will support and promote your product.


Development and implementation of PR strategies to increase the visibility of your product and attract more users.

User engagement

Creating strategies to increase user engagement and their loyalty to your product.


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